Melissa Koh

Instructor Experience
Since 2018 (teaching)
2012 (practitioner)
Certifications & Qualifcations
200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Movement Yoga Teacher Training course
For Melissa, what started out as a form of exercise in 2012 quickly became a passion and a respite from a stressful working environment.  
A nurse by training and an avid yoga practitioner, Melissa loves how the learning process is never ending for both nursing and yoga. Her penchant for nursing translates to her yoga teaching as well, showing compassion and holding space for her students. 
Having benefited from yoga, she went on to take up her teaching training in Singapore. As a teacher, Melissa is nurturing and grounded and her classes focus strongly on form and alignment. She is greatly humbled on her yoga journey and hopes to share her passion for yoga as well as to ignite the spark in fellow practitioners’ practice. 

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