Certification and Qualifications
  • ABP (Anatomical Bio-mechanics and Postural Analysis) Certified
  • PAI (Pilates Academy International) All Population Mat Certified
  • PAI (Pilates Academy International) All Population Reformer Certified 
  • TRX Group Suspension Certified (TRX GSTC)
  • SMA (Sports Massage Australia) Certified
  • CPR- AED Certified
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Second Class Upper Degree 

Kim was diagnosed with scoliosis at a very young age and was recommended to start swimming to mobilise her spine. She then went into competitive swimming and over the years, due to the complication of the sun and chlorine – I had to stop swimming.

Kim ventured into other activities. However, due to her flexibility, She injured herself and had an annular sprain  on her lower back while training. Kim wasn’t able to sit, run, jump or do any activities that had impact for the next 3-4 months. She couldn’t even sit down for more than 20 min without pain.

Kim then did Pilates for rehab (almost about 4-5 times a week) With Pilates, she did not suffer from lower back pain anymore.

With this, Kim decided to learn and get certified in Pilates to spread her knowledge and experience to anyone out there, who possibly could benefit from this or to have better control and mobility with their body. It is about precise movement with control. Kim got herself certified and has since spread her enthusiasm and love for Pilates to everyone.

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