Instructor Experience

Since 2014

Certification & Qualifications

Balanced Body® Pilates Mat I and II

200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance USA Registered Course)

Registered Pre/post natal Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance USA Registered Course)

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Jini is passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals, prevent and rehabilitate injuries, or just feel and look better. Her aim is to constantly inspire her students to challenge themselves mentally and physically. At the same time, her classes are usually lighthearted, fun, and suitable for all levels of practice.

As an avid practitioner of yoga, Jini believes in the power of breath control to improve physical and psychological performance. After discovering pilates, a safe and effective practice that develops coordination and control, she found it useful to combine elements of both pilates and yoga in her classes. Jini’s training programmes combine various fitness principles to help clients improve their strength, flexibility, balance and control.

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