Instructor Experience

Since 2016

Certifications & Qualifications

200hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa TT  

50hrs Yin Yoga TT

Reiki Master / Channeling & Akashic Records

Fiona started with Ashtanga Yoga in Dec 2016. It was something that energises as well as keeps her going. Then she found Channeling and Reiki as she dwelled deeper into self-healing and spirituality. Fiona then created her very own Reiki Yin Yoga class because she knows how much this urban city needs healing. As the response of her classes starts to grow, Fiona knows that she needs to expand herself with Yin practice to find balance within her. Thats when she decided to take up the Yin TT which she recently completed to enhance her knowledge and philosophy towards yoga. Fiona also does crystal healing, sound healing (Tibetan singing bowl / Ting Sha) and Reiki in her Yin class as a energy enhancer. Allowing her students to have the maximum healing, value and leaving the class with a smile of contentment. 

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