Charis Lam

Instructor Experience 

Yoga in 2018

Certifications & Qualifications

200hrs Hatha Vinyasa Movement Yoga Teacher training course @ The Yoga Mandala

“Always with a smile on her face, Charis is a friendly, attentive and enthusiastic yoga teacher. She likes to connect with people and share the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When Charis just started her yoga journey, she faced a lot of challenges due to her weak body strength. She understands that it takes time, practice and discipline to increase body awareness and build a strong foundation. Her favourite quote is “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

Body alignment is not one-size fits all. Charis loves to explain the poses in greater detail and give modifications. When she is practising yoga on the mat, she feels that her body and mind is calm and free from any negativity; at the same time, the poses challenge her physically and mentally. The process of self-discovery is very important, she hopes that by the end of her class, her students will feel energised and have a better understanding about themselves.”

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